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About us

Hi, I am David Philips, Managing Director here at VI North

We have always had an open door approach and are happy to welcome people entering the industry as well as production teams looking to make new connections with our sales and hire teams.


We’re more than happy to discuss all elements of equipment so that customer make the right informed choice that fits their production and budget.


We are very much people people and are keen to build long term relationships with our customers.


We have never believed in the pile it high sell it cheap ethos as we think the industry and everyone involved is better than that. We want to create working partnerships that last for many years into the future, and that is why we are happy to spend time with people and show them various equipment options.


We have built on our reputation over these last three decades and will continue to work closely with customers and build on that mutual respect going forward.


So if you don’t already know us give us a go.

David Philips, Managing Director, VI Northern

Proud sponsors of the GTC 

We are proud to support the Guild of Television Camera Professionals.


It is a wonderful organisation with a wealth of resources for knowledge and training, and we would highly recommend all camera operators consider joining the ranks.

Guild of Television Camera Operators log
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