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Tilta wooden handle – left – Used

This wooden handle by Tilta is made from rosewood, and attaches directly to the rig without additional hardware – ergonomic design and sturdy construction – excellent condition.

£65.00 ex VAT

Vinten 3363-3 Floor Spreader – Used

Floor Spreaders provide maximum stability to Vision tripods on flat ground and include the flexibility to cope with uneven terrain. A hinged construction enables the spreader to fold with the tripod and quick-release straps ensure that the spreader can be easily installed or removed if required. Excellent condition.

£100.00 ex VAT

ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 Lens Pack – Used

The ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 Lens pack contains 5 compact and lightweight lenses with Interchangeable Mount Systems – includes 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. Supplied with PL mount.

£6,000.00 ex VAT

Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed Metric Lens – Used

The Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed Metric Lens is ideal for low light situations, and achieves exquisite colour rendition and high contrast. Equipped with an interchangeable lens mount system, and supplied with PL mount.

£1,500.00 ex VAT

Zhiyun Crane Plus – Used

Supports a wide majority of both DSLR and mirrorless cameras up to 2500 grams. Made from solid aluminum, the Zhiyun Crane Plus feels premium through and through. Used product in excellent condition.

£175.00 ex VAT