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DJI Osmo FlexiMic – Used

The FM-15 Flexi Microphone can be plugged into the Osmo’s external microphone input. The microphone is omnidirectional and comes with a flexible stem. Perfect working condition.

£3.00 ex VAT

DJI OSMO Part 37 – X5 Adapter – Used

The Osmo X5 Adapter allows the Zenmuse X5 Series gimbal and camera to be used with the Osmo handle. It also provides a communication port for the DJI Focus to control aperture and focus. Used product in excellent condition.

£40.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 19 – Osmo Handle – Used

DJI (Part 19) Handle Only for the Osmo 12MP 4K Handheld Camera, compatible with the Osmo Gimbal & Camera, and the Inspire 1’s Zenmuse X3. Great condition.

£105.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 52 – Quick Release Propellers – Used

Quick mounting and releasing. Fast, powerful thrust, well balanced Quick Release Propellers for the Inspire 2. Very good condition.

£3.50 ex VAT

DJI Ronin-M Gimbal – Used

Made with innovative materials, the Ronin-M Gimbal is the ultimate performer in all filming environments. High stability, smooth camera angle changes, and lightweight, the Ronin-M is compatible with a wide range of cameras of different sizes and weights up to a maximum of 3.6kg. This is a used product in great condition.

£550.00 ex VAT

E-image EI-A19 Hi-Hat – Used

The E-Image EI-A19 is a well engineered Aluminium 100mm High Hat that is designed to accept 100mm Bowl Tripod heads. 75mm to 100mm adapters are also available for smaller 75mm heads.

£28.00 ex VAT

Edelkrone Slider – Used

The Edelkrone portable 3ft slider gives longer dolly in/out range compared to regular sliders. Good condition.

£200.00 ex VAT

Fujinon ACM-18 1/2″ Lens Adapter – Used

The Fujinon ACM-18 is a lens adapter for the 1/2″ CMOS chip PMW-EX3 camcorder. This adapter allows the 1/2″ chip camera to utilize high quality 1/2″ Fujinon lenses using the B4 mount – great condition.

£65.00 ex VAT

Fujinon ERD-22 Zoom Remote – Used

The Fujinon ERD-22 zoom remote provides precision zoom control and is designed to be used in HDTV/Broadcast digital lens control kits. Excellent working condition.

£120.00 ex VAT

Fujinon HA42x13.5BERD-S48 – Used

The Fujinon HA42x13.5BERD-S48 High-definition Telephoto Lens (EFP) is lightweight (5.4 kg) and portable with features such as QuickZoom, zoom limiter, internal focusing, and auto-cruise zoom. Good condition, complete with lens support system, and zoom & focus controls.

£18,000.00 ex VAT

Genus GWMC Matte Box Kit – Used

The Genus Basic Matte Box Kit comes with a GWMC Wide Angle Matte Box, a GFFW French Flag, a GSP-400-038 rod bracket, Lens Adaptor Ring 82 mm and 82mm Filter Step Up Ring Set. Good condition.

£250.00 ex VAT

Genus Wide 4×4 Matte Box – Used

This Matte Box features 2 filter stages, a 4 x 4″ fixed filter tray and a 4 x 4″ rotatable filter tray. It can either be used as a clip on Matte Box or with 15mm LWS rod support.

£200.00 ex VAT