Tentacle SYNC E Standard Set

Tentacle SYNC E – Standard Set

Tentacle Sync E – Smart Bluetooth™ Timecode Generator: The new Tentacle SYNC E takes all the good things from the original Tentacle and adds a range of new features, putting a world of possibilities into your hands.

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The Tentacle SYNC E Standard Set is a complete hardware/software solution offering timecode synchronization over Bluetooth. The SYNC E is a user-friendly timecode generator housed in a super small enclosure. The Tentacle SYNC E Standard Set also includes the renowned Tentacle Sync Studio Software for macOS. For fast and easy syncing of your audio and video material.

The Tentacle SYNC E is the perfect workflow solution for any video shooting from YouTube and Wedding applications to Multicam setups as well as post production syncing tasks.

The Tentacle SYNC E is based on the original Tentacle Sync device. It now offers syncing over Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), which makes setting up and monitoring all your Tentacle units even easier – you only need an iOS or Android device. Check with frame accuracy how well your units are syncing. Connect your Tentacles to nearly ans kind of camera or audio recorder – from a DSLR to high-profile cameras such as the ARRI Alexa. Since the timecode is transmitted via 3.5mm mini jack, no bulky jacks or adapters are needed for connecting your equipment.


  • Syncing over Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) for monitoring and setup via phone or tablet.
  • Super small and lightweight.
  • Frame rate and TC output level adjustable via Tentacle Setup App (iOS/ Android/ macOS/ Windows).
  • Two Tentacle Sync Studio Software Licenses included.
  • Tentacle Clamp locks a right-angle mini jack connector.
  • Accurate built-in reference microphone.
  • Generates All SMPTE timecode rates or jam-sync to any external timecode source.
  • High precision TCXO: accuracy with less than 1 frame drift in 24 hours (-30°C to +85°C.
  • Designed and made with love in Cologne, Germany.


  • LTC Timecode: According to SMPTE-12M Standard.
  • Drift: High Precision TCXO: Accuracy Less than 1 Frame Drift in 24 Hours (-30°C to +85°C.
  • Frame rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30.
  • Timecode I/O: Mini Jack Socket.
  • Audio: Built-In Reference Mic.
  • Power: Built-In Lithium Polymer Battery, up to 35 hrs Operating Time, Fast Charging via USB-C (max. 1.5 hrs).
  • Mounting: Integrated Hook Surface on the Back for Easy Mounting.
  • Weight: 30 g / 1 oz.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 50 x 15 mm / 1.49 x 1.97 x 0.59 inches.

What’s in the box?

  • 2x Tentacle Sync E – Timecode Generator with Bluetooth™ Functionality.
  • 2x Mini-Jack-Cable (90° angled) for Syncing Cameras with TRS input ( 5D, BMPCC, GH4 …).
  • 2x USB-C Cable for Charging and Setup (Win/Mac).
  • 2x Tentacle Clamps for Locking your Right-Angle Cables to the Tentacle SYNC E.
  • 10x Velcro Loop Pads for Mounting the Tentacle to any Device.
  • 4x Coloured Rubber Bands.
  • 1x Quickstart Guide.
  • 1x Software Activation Details and Manual included.


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