Schneider 25mm Canon EF Mount T2.1

Schneider 25mm Canon EF Mount T2.1

This lens covers full frame sensors without vignetting and is designed for 4K resolution. It is colour-matched to a standard at the factory, minimizing colour shift when changing lenses. The lens boasts 14 aperture blades for attractive bokeh and comes with a tripod mount as standard.

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The new Schneider FF primes are a unique set of lenses. All of the focal lengths in the set feature a maximum aperture of T2.1, utilize a 35mm Full Frame image circle (24x36mm), and are offered in PL, Nikon F, and Canon EF mount. At approximately 3.5 lbs each, these primes are perfectly sized for handling and portability. The integrated focus, and iris gears are all arranged in the same position from the mount making lens swaps a breeze while shooting. Don’t be held back by mount options and image circle requirements. The Schneider FF-Primes can handle almost any format on any camera.


  • Suitable for use with DSLR and cine-style cameras.
  • Covers full frame sensors.
  • Designed for 4K resolution.
  • 14 iris blades for an outstanding Bokeh.
  • Rugged mechanics which use standard follow focus systems and other common cine- and video accessories.
  • Uniform dimensions and performance throughout the set.
  • Colour-matched across the range.
  • Minimized breathing.
  • Spread and calibrated focus scales for easy and reliable sharpness adjustment.




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