Peli 1510 Case

Peli 1510 Case

Keep your equipment safe with the Peli 1510 Case. Interior (LWD): 502 x 279 x 193 mm. More colour options available upon request.


The Peli 1510 is one of the most popular Peli cases – a hard ‘carry on’ case that enables you to securely protect and easily carry your valuable belongings (computers, photographic equipment, film, electronic devices, etc) while travelling. The Peli 1510 Case is popular in the TV, film and photographic industries where broadcast crew and photographers utilise its unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof properties. As with other Peli cases, the Peli 1510 case is made of ultra high impact copolymer polypropylene offering strength and performance against extreme conditions, rough handling, dust and water. It comes with an easy-release extendable handle, rugged wheels, double step latches, metal reinforced padlock protectors, the Peli-patented o-ring sealing system and automatic pressure relief valve which ensures that air pressure inside the case will automatically equalise if the case is taken to high altitudes. The case meets the maximum size for carry-on luggage for many airlines (please check your airline’s size restrictions).

Internal (cm):

Length: 50.2.
Width: 27.9.
Depth: 19.3.
Lid Depth: 4.5.
Base Depth: 14.7.

External (cm):

Length: 55.9.
Width: 35.1.
Depth: 22.9.

Weight & Capacity:

Weight, Empty: 5.44 kg.
Weight, inc. Foam: 6.17 kg.




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