Peli 1440 Case

Peli 1440 Case

Keep your equipment safe with the Peli 1440 Case. Interior (LWD): 434 x 191 x 406 mm. More colour options available upon request.


The Peli 1440 Top Loader case has a capacity of nearly 33 litres of storage space and features a unique top-loading design that gives immediate and easy access to its contents. Standard features include stainless steel, ball-bearing, polyurethane wheels and padlock protectors; an extra-long, telescoping, metal handle for easy transport, and rubberized top and side grips for maximum comfort. The Peli 1440 case allows you to comfortably take your laptop computer, important documents, prototypes and office tools, to visit your customers, to business presentations or to travel around the world. The 1440 includes easy-open double throw latches, an open cell core, solid wall design (making it strong and lightweight) and an automatic pressure equalisation valve to balance interior pressure and keep water out. It also comes with comfortable rubber over-molded handle, stainless steel padlock protectors and optional Pick N Pluck foam.

Internal (cm):

Length: 43.4.
Width: 19.1.
Depth: 40.6.
Lid Depth: 5.1.
Base Depth: 35.6.

External (cm):

Length: 50.0.
Width: 30.5.
Depth: 45.7.

Weight & Capacity:

Weight, Empty: 6.58 kg.
Weight, inc. Foam: 7.48 kg.




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