Genus Wide 4×4 Matte Box - Used

Genus Wide 4×4 Matte Box – Used

This Matte Box features 2 filter stages, a 4 x 4″ fixed filter tray and a 4 x 4″ rotatable filter tray. It can either be used as a clip on Matte Box or with 15mm LWS rod support.

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The Genus Wide 4×4 Matte Box, also know as the GCMC, is a super lightweight and compact matte box that has two 4 x 4 filter trays, one of them rotatable by 360°.

The Matte Box can either be clipped onto your lens which has a diameter from 36mm to 86mm, or it can be mounted onto your rod system by using either a fixed or height adjustable rod rising bracket. This can make your lens changes a lot quicker, especially when you’re using a swing-away bracket.

A unique feature about this 4×4 Matte Box is that the filter trays can be removed from both the top and bottom which can save you a lot of hassle if, for example, you have a microphone mounted above your lens. The back filter tray is again 360° rotatable, and you can easily judge the position of the filter tray as it has audible clicks every 90° rotation. There’s an adjustment screw at the side of the red box which controls the speed and friction of your rotation and can also lock it in place fully.

The Genus GCMC is very lightweight and compact but still has all the common features you want from a matte box system.





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