CVW Swift800 Pro Kit

CVW Swift800 Pro Kit

The Swift800 Pro Kit is an SDI & HDMI wireless video transmission kit that features long range transmission, ultra-low latency, and high reliability. Swift800 Pro is way ahead of the curve in that it’s specially designed for film and TV production, live streaming and video recording.

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CVW Crystal Video Swift 800 PRO:

With this model, the popular entry-level Swift 800 series has been consistently developed. In addition to the HDMI connections, the transmitter and receiver have additional SDI inputs and outputs. So you are even more flexible when choosing your camera. The plastic housing has been replaced by a high-quality metal housing. At 220g, the devices are still pleasantly light.

Control over smartphone and tablet:

You can use the free app for Android and iOS to control the image section and focus live via smartphone and tablet. Up to 4 mobile devices can be used at the same time. The transmitter is sufficient for pure control. Regardless of this, the receiver is required to play on the mixer.

Quiet at the push of a button:

Both the transmitter and the receiver can be operated without a fan if required. This can be very helpful, especially in particularly quiet environments. If the devices become too warm, the fan automatically switches on again. Manufacturer tests have shown that they can work for up to 8 hours without a fan.


  • Distance up to 250m.
  • Ultra-low latency under 70ms.
  • Full HD video possible.
  • Transmitter with SDI input, SDI loop out / HDMI input.
  • Receiver with 2x SDI output / HDMI output.
  • App for monitoring and recording with mobile devices.
  • Bit rate up to 25Mbps.
  • Flexible power supply: DC (for power supply via the camera), SONY NP-F battery mount, and via the included power supply.
  • Fan can be switched on and off at the push of a button.
  • Compact size, solid workmanship and low weight – ideal for mobile applications.
  • Optionally with a second receiver.
  • OLED screen display for: Battery indicator including low battery warning, fan, resolution and signal strength.


  • Recording.
  • Supports processing of image effects (waveform, auxiliary focus, 3D LUT).
  • Photo shoot.
  • Spectral scanning.
  • Frequency modification.

Delivery Contents:

1x Transport bag.
1x transmitter (with NP-F battery mount).
1x receiver (with NP-F battery mount).
5x antennas.
1x power supply (12V / 2A).
2x HDMI cable (80cm each).
1x hot shoe adapter + mounting accessories.


CVW Crystal Video

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Swift800 Pro Kit Only, Swift800 Pro Kit with D-Tap Power Cables


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