Canon CN-E 35mm T1.5

Canon CN-E 35mm T1.5 Lens

Compact 35mm, T1.5 prime lens with Spectacular 4K+ image quality covering Full frame and Super 35 sensors. Industry standard manual control with 11-blade iris for pleasing and organic bokeh and Canon EF Mount.

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The Canon CN-E 35mm T1.5 L F Cinema Prime Lens is a manual focus prime lens that covers Full Frame and Super 35 sensor formats.

This lens has a maximum aperture of T1.5. This is useful when shooting in low light situations or when you want to capture that exceedingly shallow depth of field look. It has an 11-blade iris that provides round out of focus highlights for a natural looking bokeh. The lens barrel features 300° of stepless, smooth rotation from close focus to infinity, giving you a high degree of precision and consistent focus.

The lens is designed to minimize focus breathing, and also has innovative glass construction that counteracts barrel expansion and contraction to avoid temperature-induced marking discrepancies. It has focus markings on both sides of the barrel, with the rear markings on an angled surface, making it readable form either side of the camera. It also has a dust and water resistant housing to minimize maintenance during normal use.

The CN-E 14mm and the other five CN-E lenses share the same 114m front barrel diameter, focus rotation, 36° iris rotation, and focus and iris gear positions, allowing for easier swaps.

CN-E 35mm Highlights:

  • Covers Full Frame & Super 35 Sensors.
  • T1.5 Maximum Aperture.
  • 11-Blade Iris.
  • Breathing Minimized Virtually to Zero.
  • Dual Focus Markings.
  • Stepless 300° Focus Rotation.
  • Same Gear Positions as Other CN-E Models.
  • Dust and Water Resistant Housing.



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