BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2

Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2

Featuring a design that includes 6G-SDI so you get SD, HD and Ultra HD formats. Complete with a wide range of video and audio connections in both analog and digital. Get SD, HD up to 1080p60 and Ultra HD up to 2160p30 all in the one deck. Also includes Quad SDI, HDMI 4K, analog component, balanced analog audio and AES/EBU audio compatibility.

£1,630.00 ex VAT

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The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro 2 is a disk recorder which lets you record the highest quality uncompressed and compressed ProRes and DNxHD video formats using fast 2.5″ SSDs. Designed with familiar VTR controls, HyperDeck Studio includes innovative features that extend beyond the capabilities of traditional decks.

Dual SSD slots let you record continuously, when one disk is full recording automatically continues on the next SSD. You can mount an SSD recorded using HyperDeck Studio on to any computer to access your files, so you don’t need multiple decks to work with your media.

HyperDeck Studio Pro 2 Features:

  • Powerful Recording and Playback.
  • Full 4K playback from a single SSD using Apple ProRes.
  • Supports SD/HD, RGB 4:4:4 and 2K.
  • Fast SSD Technology.
  • Continuous SSD Recording with dual SSD slots.
  • Professional Connectivity & Full Features.
  • 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI and analogue connections.
  • Standard XLR connectors for audio.
  • Built-in Thunderbolt port.
  • Familiar VTR Controls.
  • Record and playback from ExFAT formatted disks.
  • Full compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Replace Ageing Decks:

HyperDeck Studio is a fantastic modern replacement for aging broadcast decks. You get the same functionality and control of a professional deck with the advantage of recording directly to uncompressed or industry standard ProRes and DNxHD video formats. Connect cameras, switchers or any other video feed to HyperDeck Studio and create files that are perfect for every production and post production workflow! With a slim 1 rack unit design, HyperDeck Studio is considerably smaller than a traditional VTR and fits easily into any equipment rack, OB vehicle or flyway kit.

Broadcast Video Quality:

HyperDeck Studio records SD/HD 10-bit 4:2:2 uncompressed video for perfect broadcast quality. With uncompressed video you can create the sharpest VFX plates for match moving, compositing and more. You get deep dynamic color range for color correction and perfect keying without jagged edges. You can also use industry standard compressed video formats that maintain incredible HD quality at reduced files sizes. With HyperDeck Studio Pro you can now push quality to new heights, with additional support for Ultra HD 4K using Apple ProRes.




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