Atomos Ninja Blade

Atomos Ninja Blade

Featuring a 5″ IPS/325 DPI Touchscreen Display, Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Peaking, S-log / C-log recording, the Atomos Ninja Blade Records 1080p, 10-Bit, 4:2:2.

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The Atomos Ninja Blade Touchscreen monitor and recorder allows you to shoot video the way you intended and capture directly to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD. Edit responsive 220Mbps clips inside the timeline and push your grade further with the 10-bit color space.

Thanks to affordable 2.5” HDDs and SDDs, expect reliable and long recordings – ideal for event shooters. With a 1TB HDD, you can record 10+ hours of Apple ProRes HQ, breaking the 30min recording barrier imposed by many cameras (recording time limit is camera dependent).

Shooting in camera Log (S-Log2, S-Log3, C-Log, V-Log etc) delivers the maximum sensor detail in your recordings, but when viewed on monitors it looks washed out & makes judging exposure difficult. AtomHDR brings post production for HDR monitoring to the field, displaying high brightness range of Log footage with the brightness and vibrancy as the eye sees it on our SuperAtom IPS 8-bit 400nit calibrated monitor.

Atomos Ninja Blade Features:

  • 5″ IPS/325 DPI Touchscreen Display.
  • Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Peaking.
  • Records 1080p, 10-Bit, 4:2:2.
  • S-Log / C-Log recording.
  • Adjustable gamma, contrast and brightness.

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