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Canon EVF-V50 OLED Electronic Viewfinder

Canon OLED Electronic Viewfinder EVF-V50 for EOS C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III. Brand new item unboxed.

£485.00 ex VAT

DJI Osmo Bike Mount – Used

Mount your DJI OSMO to your bike for easy to use, super smooth and stable footage with the DJI OSMO Bike Mount – suitable for use on most bikes. Excellent condition.

£32.00 ex VAT

DJI OSMO Part 37 – X5 Adapter – Used

The Osmo X5 Adapter allows the Zenmuse X5 Series gimbal and camera to be used with the Osmo handle. It also provides a communication port for the DJI Focus to control aperture and focus. Used product in excellent condition.

£40.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 19 – Osmo Handle – Used

DJI (Part 19) Handle Only for the Osmo 12MP 4K Handheld Camera, compatible with the Osmo Gimbal & Camera, and the Inspire 1’s Zenmuse X3. Great condition.

£105.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 52 – Quick Release Propellers – Used

Quick mounting and releasing. Fast, powerful thrust, well balanced Quick Release Propellers for the Inspire 2. Very good condition.

£3.50 ex VAT

E-image EI-A19 Hi-Hat – Used

The E-Image EI-A19 is a well engineered Aluminium 100mm High Hat that is designed to accept 100mm Bowl Tripod heads. 75mm to 100mm adapters are also available for smaller 75mm heads.

£28.00 ex VAT

Fujinon ACM-18 1/2″ Lens Adapter – Used

The Fujinon ACM-18 is a lens adapter for the 1/2″ CMOS chip PMW-EX3 camcorder. This adapter allows the 1/2″ chip camera to utilize high quality 1/2″ Fujinon lenses using the B4 mount – great condition.

£65.00 ex VAT

Genus GWMC Matte Box Kit – Used

The Genus Basic Matte Box Kit comes with a GWMC Wide Angle Matte Box, a GFFW French Flag, a GSP-400-038 rod bracket, Lens Adaptor Ring 82 mm and 82mm Filter Step Up Ring Set. Good condition.

£250.00 ex VAT

Genus Wide 4×4 Matte Box – Used

This Matte Box features 2 filter stages, a 4 x 4″ fixed filter tray and a 4 x 4″ rotatable filter tray. It can either be used as a clip on Matte Box or with 15mm LWS rod support.

£200.00 ex VAT

GoPro Dual Hero 3D Rig – Used

Capture a wide variety of content with the GoPro Dual Hero Rig. The tandem housing holds two GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras (sold separately), enabling you to capture full-resolution video and photos simultaneously with uncompromised image quality. Great condition.

£20.00 ex VAT

Handgrip rosette adapter for Sony PXW-FS5 – Used

Handgrip adapter for the Sony PXW-FS5 to convert the handgrip from Sony bayonet into standard rosette. Perfect working condition.

£77.00 ex VAT

Hi-Hat with 100mm Bowl – Used

This Hi-Hat is for achieving ultra low shot angles and is designed to work with all 100mm bowl tripod heads. Made for medium weight video and film cameras on fluid heads when the lowest possible point of view is needed, the Miller Hi Hat with it’s 100mm bowl facilitates quick mounting and levelling with a minimum of fuss for working within a fast-paced production schedule.

£80.00 ex VAT