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DJI Osmo+ Stabilized 4K Handheld Camera

The Osmo is a handheld smartphone gimbal which uses a lightweight design, intelligent functions and a long lasting battery life to enable you to capture moments with cinematic movement and incredible ease.

£420.00 ex VAT

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Stabiliser

The DJI Ronin-M was and still is one of the most popular 3-axis gimbal stabiliser systems available today. It features a high payload capacity, supports camera/lens payloads of up to 8 lbs, or 3.6 kg, and offers tool-less adjustment throughout.

£875.00 ex VAT

iFootage Shark S1 Bundle

Featuring a strong and lightweight, premium grade material, and a 7kg maximum load, the iShark S1 is extendable to 1200mm, and has a 5kg max capacity.

£545.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 504HD & 535K

The Manfrotto tripod kit consists of the Manfrotto 504HD head and Manfrotto 535K legs. The 504HD head is the new video head from Manfrotto. Suitable for the Manfrotto Pro series video tripods, the head has an improved ergonomics bridge design that gives the head a more rigid structure.

£570.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 504HD & 536K

The 504HD, 536K combines the 504HD MPRO system combined with the carbon fiber 536 tripod. A torsion rigidity superior to that of an equivalent aluminium twin-strut tripod means that an MPRO system offers better protection against “backlash” effects at the end of pan movements.

£785.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 504HD, 546GBK

The Manfrotto 504HD, 546GBK is the ground spreader version of the 504HD, 546BK Tripod. The tripod’s telescopic mid-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately. Leg locks are secure and reliable, and spiked feet with rubber overshoes are provided for solid grounding on both uneven terrain and smooth floors.

£585.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 & 546B Twin MS

The NITROTECH N8 fluid video head features state-of-the-art technology consisting in a Nitrogen piston mechanism that allows a continuous counterbalance system that enables precise control of a camera and accessories up to 8 Kg.

£600.00 ex VAT

Miller 1741 Arrow 55 Fluid Head Tripod

The Miller 1741 Arrow 55 tripod system consists of the 1028 Arrow 55 fluid head, 694 telescoping pan arm, 860 Arrow camera plate, 925 HD 2-stage carbon fibre tripod, 990 Sprinter II/HD mid-level spreader, 475 Sprinter II/HD rubber feet, and the 872 Arrow soft case.

£3,800.00 ex VAT

Miller DS10 Fluid Head Tripod

Compact, lightweight, dependable tripod with 2 selectable positions of counterbalance. Unique, reliable fluid drag technology delivers smooth starts and soft stops, and precision ball bearing allows mounted pan-tilt movement.

£1,350.00 ex VAT

Miller DS20 Fluid Head Tripod

Adjustable pan and tilt drags provide continuous friction for your flexible applications, while ‘flick-of-a-switch’ selectable counterbalance lets you tilt balance larger camcorders ranging from 5kg to 10kg.

£1,550.00 ex VAT

Sachtler 0750 System FSB 8T

The Sachtler FSB 8 T Fluid Head makes switching as simple as a single click with its Touch & Go technology. This quick release plate has a sliding range of 60 mm, while a 10-step counterbalance means you are always perfectly balanced.

£1,625.00 ex VAT

Sachtler 1049 System FSB 10 T ENG 2 MCF Tripod

Sachtler 1049 Eng 2 MCF System FSB 10 Including FSB 10 T Fluid Head – Touch & Go (S2046-0001), Tripod ENG 2 CF (5386), Mid-Level Spreader with Rubber Feet and Padded Bag

£2,815.00 ex VAT