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IDX CUE-D95 Battery

This rechargeable battery has a 91Wh capacity, is capable of handling up to 6.3A/76W loads, has a 50W D-Tap output (unregulated), and 4 Power Indicator LEDs.

£166.00 ex VAT

IDX VL-2X Charger

£164.00 ex VAT

IDX VL-2X Charger

A 2-Channel Fully Sequential Quick Charger which delivers slim, lightweight 2-channel charging with the added advantage of an integrated 36W power supply. The VL-2X is a multi-chemistry charger for both Li-ion and Ni-Cad battery types.

£164.00 ex VAT

Sony BP-U60 Battery

The BP-U60 (56 Wh) Lithium-ion Battery effectively supports professional video shooting in both the field and the studio. The battery is equipped with the professional INFO function that intelligently communicates battery status data to the PMW-EX1 camcorder.

£200.00 ex VAT

Sony BP-U90

£290.00 ex VAT

Sony BP-U90

14.4 Volt, 85Wh battery for XDCAM EX camcorders. The BP-U90 uses a communication line with the EX camcorder, whereby the precise remaining capacity can be displayed on the camcorder’s LCD and viewfinder. The battery information display on LCD is available even while the camera power is off (not on EVF).

£290.00 ex VAT

Swit NP-1 S-8056N 73Wh Li-ion Battery

S-8056N is the NP-1 type, 14.4V, 73Wh capacity, rechargeable Li-ion battery pack for professional video cameras as well as the audio mixers of NP-1 battery connection. It has a 4-level LED power indicator, multiple circuit protections, and is not restricted by IATA.

£147.00 ex VAT

SWIT S-8192S 92+92Wh V-Lock Battery

Introducing the Swit S-8192S Battery – Since large capacity batteries are quite necessary, SWIT provides the clever solution of a Dividable Battery to comply with IATA regulations. It can be divided into 2 parts, and each part contains a 92Wh capacity which is not restricted by air transportation. Just assemble the 2 parts and you can get a Li-ion battery pack of 184Wh large capacity.

£410.00 ex VAT

Swit SC-302 NP-1 Battery Charger

The SC-302 has 2 NP-1 slots and can charge 2 NP-1 batteries (S-8056N or S-8073N) one-by-one sequentially. The charging output is DC 14-20V, 1.9A.

£131.00 ex VAT