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camRade camBag HD Small – Black

This high quality camBag HD Small ensures solid protection for a wide range of professional camcorders up to 50 cm/ 19.7 inches. Special reinforcement of top, bottom and sides, safeguards your high value camera and accessories, in all weather conditions.

£199.00 ex VAT

camRade travelMate Handy 1

The travelMate Handy 1 backpack offers room for professional cameras up to 44 cm/17.3 inches and allows you to safely transport your camera, while keeping both hands free.

£245.00 ex VAT

Hawk-Woods DC-1D1

The DC-1D1 is a dummy battery adaptor for the Canon EOS 1D. Attached to a cable mounted 2-Pin Power-Con (D-Tap), it allows the user to power an EOS Camera from an external broadcast battery source.

£85.00 ex VAT

Sanken HC-11 BK

£23.90 ex VAT

Sanken HC-11 BK

Sanken HC-11-BK (HC11BK) Horizontal tie clip for COS-11D series (black). Horizontal tie clip for COS-11

£23.90 ex VAT

Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones

506909 – The HD 25 is very lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods. Considered to be the “Industry Standard” for DJ Headphones, these headphones are often found in DJ Booths, small and large, around the world.

£107.50 ex VAT

Sennheiser HMD 300 PRO

506900 – The HMD 300 PRO supports professionals involved in broadcasting with several smart solutions. Its pressure-sensitive design offers outstanding wearing comfort even during extended sessions. The speech and sound quality are of just as professional a standard as the hearing protection facilitated by switchable ActiveGard. Together with its effective passive ambient noise attenuation and proven structure borne noise decoupling, the HMD 300 PRO offers substantially more performance than you would expect at that price.

£179.00 ex VAT