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Manfrotto 504HD & 535K

The Manfrotto tripod kit consists of the Manfrotto 504HD head and Manfrotto 535K legs. The 504HD head is the new video head from Manfrotto. Suitable for the Manfrotto Pro series video tripods, the head has an improved ergonomics bridge design that gives the head a more rigid structure.

£570.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 504HD & 536K

The 504HD, 536K combines the 504HD MPRO system combined with the carbon fiber 536 tripod. A torsion rigidity superior to that of an equivalent aluminium twin-strut tripod means that an MPRO system offers better protection against “backlash” effects at the end of pan movements.

£785.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 504HD, 546GBK

The Manfrotto 504HD, 546GBK is the ground spreader version of the 504HD, 546BK Tripod. The tripod’s telescopic mid-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately. Leg locks are secure and reliable, and spiked feet with rubber overshoes are provided for solid grounding on both uneven terrain and smooth floors.

£585.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 & 546B Twin MS

The NITROTECH N8 fluid video head features state-of-the-art technology consisting in a Nitrogen piston mechanism that allows a continuous counterbalance system that enables precise control of a camera and accessories up to 8 Kg.

£600.00 ex VAT