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DJI Osmo Action

£263.20 ex VAT

DJI Osmo Action

Osmo Action is a waterproof action camera that features 4K/60fps 100Mbps video, dual screens, EIS, and more. This durable, versatile action camera is jam-packed with advanced technology that lets you spend less time worrying about equipment and more time living the action.

£263.20 ex VAT

DJI Osmo Bike Mount – Used

Mount your DJI OSMO to your bike for easy to use, super smooth and stable footage with the DJI OSMO Bike Mount – suitable for use on most bikes. Excellent condition.

£32.00 ex VAT

DJI Osmo FlexiMic – Used

The FM-15 Flexi Microphone can be plugged into the Osmo’s external microphone input. The microphone is omnidirectional and comes with a flexible stem. Perfect working condition.

£3.00 ex VAT

DJI OSMO Part 37 – X5 Adapter – Used

The Osmo X5 Adapter allows the Zenmuse X5 Series gimbal and camera to be used with the Osmo handle. It also provides a communication port for the DJI Focus to control aperture and focus. Used product in excellent condition.

£40.00 ex VAT

DJI Osmo Zenmuse X5

£1,415.00 ex VAT

DJI Osmo Zenmuse X5

The Zenmuse X5 is very low weight Micro Four Thirds camera developed by DJI, featuring an interchangeable lens design, autofocus functionality and 4K resolution.

£1,415.00 ex VAT

DJI Osmo+ Stabilized 4K Handheld Camera

The Osmo is a handheld smartphone gimbal which uses a lightweight design, intelligent functions and a long lasting battery life to enable you to capture moments with cinematic movement and incredible ease.

£420.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 19 – Osmo Handle – Used

DJI (Part 19) Handle Only for the Osmo 12MP 4K Handheld Camera, compatible with the Osmo Gimbal & Camera, and the Inspire 1’s Zenmuse X3. Great condition.

£105.00 ex VAT

DJI Part 52 – Quick Release Propellers – Used

Quick mounting and releasing. Fast, powerful thrust, well balanced Quick Release Propellers for the Inspire 2. Very good condition.

£3.50 ex VAT

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Stabiliser

The DJI Ronin-M was and still is one of the most popular 3-axis gimbal stabiliser systems available today. It features a high payload capacity, supports camera/lens payloads of up to 8 lbs, or 3.6 kg, and offers tool-less adjustment throughout.

£875.00 ex VAT